Ghor residents protest against ‘unjust’ national budget

    GHOR (SW) – A number of Ghor residents took to the streets today against not allocating funds in the ‘unjust’ national budget for the Pozlich Dam and central route of the Kabul - Herat highway.

    Afghanistan’s economy grew by 2.9 percent in 2019

    KABUL (SW) – Afghanistan’s economy grew by an estimated 2.9 percent in 2019, driven mainly by strong agricultural growth following recovery from drought, but lingering political uncertainty dampens private confidence and investment, said the World Bank.

    Draft annual budget for 2020-21 dubbed as incompatible

    KABUL (SW) – Members of the Integrity Watch Afghanistan on Tuesday dubbed the proposed draft annual budget for 2020-21 as incompatible to address the pressing needs of the country.

    ‘Taliban siphoning off millions from Baghlan – Kunduz highway’

    PUL-E-KHUMRI (SW) – The Taliban insurgents are siphoning off an estimated AFN 8 million from the main Baghlan – Kunduz highway on daily basis.

    Khost elders to fine those not allowing youth to study

    KHOST (SW) – The local elders in Khost have revived the classic tradition of imposing monetary fine on families not allowing their children to go to schools.


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      07 March 2019

      In quest for the best, Afghan migrant faces the worst in Iran

      GHOR (SW) – Khalil, pseudonym for a young Ghor resident, dreamt for a better life away in Iran, but faced the worst time of his life in the journey to and stay over there. …
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      01 March 2019

      ‘Massive corruption in front of the President’

      KABUL (SW) – The private firm, which inked a lucrative $ 11 million deal with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, has no proven track-record sparking fears of ‘massive fraud’. …
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      16 February 2019

      Consumers rise against hidden telecommunication tariffs

      KABUL (SW) – An intense campaign against the telecommunication firms’ alleged hidden costs and tariffs has gained momentum.…
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      08 February 2019

      Fears of the Taliban return haunts women and girls

      KABUL (SW) – Since the fall of the Taliban regime, Afghan women have been living in a relatively free environment with liberties to study and work. …